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Lack of qualified specialist is holding plenty small and medium businesses without dedicated recrtuitment department. We can help expand your search pool and share Your message with skillful candidates


Time to hire is increasing and prolonged recruitment processes are driving away candidates. Our simplified approach allows us to help You decrease time to offer and reach out to more qualified candidates


Does potencial employee know what makes Your company special? We belive that sharing Your message with potencial cadidates allows perfect fit to Your current team and consistent employer branding creates trust

25 000$

Cost of bad hire

92% WILL

QUIT for comapny with exellent reputation

60% STOP

application process if it's to long

72% Never

were asked about canidadate experience

For Rapidly growing Businesses

In-house recruiter, with back up

We take care of Your recruitment needs withouth hassle, You will always have a Recruitment Partner on Your side, responsible for service delivery and reporting according to Your copmanys needs. The whole work will be done outside Your office by our team of dedicated recruiters

Scalable recruitment

Having a team of recruiters that can be scaled directly to Your needs and flexible to changing market conditions allows more predictable recruitment outcomes and shorter time to hire. Addaptability is becoming the edge of modern business and having a team to achive that is key in candidate driven market

Employer brand in center

For us it is really important to understand what makes Your company different. We want to share the message with the candidate pool and look out for great cultural fit to Your company. Employer branding is rooted right in how we communicate with the candidates

We've got the tools you need

streamlined Video interview

Give candidates freedom to attend the interview virtually. We create streamlined video-interviewing process with if needed recorded interviews and pre-recorded question to maximize efficency and decrease interview scheduling

Recruitment marketing

We will share Your message with prospective candidates through variety of tools to find, attract and nurture candidates even before they apply for the job. Get in touch with Your past applicants, and keep potencial hires in the loop

Applicant tracking system

We can ajust to Your company current Applicant Tracking System and integrate it in our workflow to create central candidate platform and should You need such solution, we will taylor it to Your needs and expectations

Activate the passive candidate

Our specialized headhunters will reach out directly to candidate who even did not consider working for Your company. We look for skills that get the job done, and attract talent untapped by Your job boards

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